Cannabis seeds

Cannabis fröHemp that is the historical name of the cannabis plant in Sweden. In our country it has been grown at least since around 500 B.C..The cannabis seed from the plant contains essential omega rich fatty acids. Hemp seed and oil is sold in grocery stores here.

Is it legal?

Seeds containt minuscule levels of THC and cannot produce any narcotic effects. However the legal status is not fully cleared. As a food it definitively legal. A few seeds even though it is of THC-rich strains can be explained as souvenirs and this is also how it is marketed.

Outdoors vs. indoors

In Sweden there is a loosely organized campaign among growers on forums called Overgrow. Basically it is about growing illegal cannabis plants in the woods. The climate here has long winters and short summers and therefore many prefer to use auto bloom varieties breed to mature quickly.

The healthy oil

According to the american scientist Dr. Bob Melamede oil from pressed hemp seeds is a life extender that probably protect us from many diseases. The oil contains omega-3, 6 and 9. It is a vegetarian equivalent to animal fatty acids which is good for your brain.

There are small differences which may make the animal kind optimal but according to Melamede passed sea food products contains a lot of pollution. is a Swedish web site about cannabis culture and drug policy.

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